Our Approach

Our Approach is the key to our success:

  1. Delivering real savings and recoveries to clients in a non-intrusive manner.
  2. Contingency based service model making it imperative that we are efficient and effective in our service delivery.


This approach for detecting sales and use tax savings, our consultants will perform the following:

– Meet with you to review the work plan and identify locations of the records

– Conduct meetings and tours of the facilities to determine procedures and systems for payment of taxes

– Analyze records and source documents to identify opportunities for refunds and credits, reduce any deficiency assessments created by the taxing jurisdiction’s audit and look for significant sales and use tax exposure

– Prepare documentation to substantiate the claim for refund or credit

– Meet with you to discuss findings and recommendations and provide a detail summary report with recommendations for reducing future liabilities

– Represent you at administrative hearings

– Provide additional assistance, as necessary, to support you in realizing tax recoveries and future tax savings

– Provide in-house training seminar if deemed feasible by you


Our consultants remain involved until the final recovery is secured and our client has made the necessary changes to internal policy, procedures and internal controls to ensure savings are realized for years to come.

“We offer comprehensive services ranging from sales and use tax training, reverse sales and use tax audit, research and also, our specialty of defending and protecting the interests of your business during a sales and use tax audit.”