Our Values

Our Values

STS Consultants Values –  The 3 L’s


  • To be good at your  career you need to constantly learn. That is what gives STS Consultants the edge.  We our always up to date and learning.
  • Learn to listen to your client for their needs to help them get the best outcome.
  • The Golden Rule, Moral Judgement and Quality hard work gets results.



  • To be great at your career you must love your work.
  • STS Consultants makes an environment where we get the best out of our associates by giving an environment to thrive in and learn, while being safe.
  • STS Consultants loves its work and loves getting the best results for our clients.



  • Life goes on and you need to be in the moment.  STS Consultants is invested into our clients and give all we have in that moment to help you out.  We do not consider any case as mundane.
  • Passion will get you far in life and live that life.
  • We Live to Win for you.  STS Consultants. will do whatever it takes to help ensure our clients’ a beneficial outcome.


Don’t forget that “9 out of 10 companies overpay on their sales and use tax.”

So call or email today for a risk-free, no obligation discussion of how STS Consultants can meet your cost recovery and audit needs.