Our Strategy

Our Values, induce our approach which in turn allows decisive strategies for each unique client to get the best possible resolute.

STS targets every possible tax refund and reduction opportunity for our clients.  We sift through and peel back the intricacies of our clients’ business transactions to discover significant tax recovery opportunities.  Focusing on reducing our clients’ tax liabilities with minimum disruption to their operations, requiring only limited effort from their personnel.

STS manages the audit process from the beginning to end, minimizing the clients’ burden.  STS tax professionals work side-by-side with the clients’ staff to extract the data necessary for audit defense and refund reviews.  We handle the tedious process of producing records for the state and securing files required for the case.  We handle the daily information flow between the client and the tax authority toensure timely, complete and accurate responses.  Any disputes are resolved by STS.