Sales & Use Tax Services

Whether it’s called a sales tax, use tax, transaction privilege tax, gross receipts tax, general excise tax, or any other name, and whether the Board of Equalization, Department of Revenue, State Comptroller’s Office, State Tax Commission, or any other agency enforces the tax, we can assist you negotiate your state’s maze of regulations and minimize your tax burden.

STS Consultants is uniquely situated to help your company turn state and local taxes into an opportunity for real savings.  Our dedicated state and local tax practice has been the consulting firm of choice for several Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of small and midsize companies.  Think of us as a way to have big-time firm talent, services and skills with small-firm overhead makes STS Consultants an excellent choice for your state and local needs.

Our firm is committed to protecting companies from the often devastating effects of non-compliance with the sales and use tax laws.  It is our objective to ensure that more businesses throughout the country receive the adequate sales and use tax protection that they need and deserve.  To achieve this objective, our firm focuses on building strategic working relationships with other accountants, attorney, associations and other professionals, while an ongoing working relationships with various taxing authorities.

STS is uniquely situated to be able to provide a multitude of sales and use tax services throughout the United States. Due to the complexities, changing regulations on the state and/or local level and ever changing status of sales and use taxes one could have a black hole of lost revenue, which your company can quickly fix with the help of STS Consultants. And with the inclusion of Nexus rules or “Remote Seller” or “Amazon Tax” the sales and use taxes become even more confusing and vary greatly from state to state and so far 45 states have enacted this rule. But do not fret for STS Consultants is up to date and fully knowledge in the varying rules for online sellers.

Below is a list of the main services provides by STS Consultants:

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