Audit Representation and Evaluation

Daily sales/use tax decisions are usually not made by tax professionals. Often they are made by administrative
SALES AND USE TAX SERVICES personnel who may not fully understand how the taxability rules apply to their sales or purchases. Even in situations where tax professionals are involved, the application of sales/use tax rules across multiple jurisdictions is complex and burdensome. These and many other factors could lead to known or
unknown sales/use tax risks.
We work closely with the state auditor if your business is facing a sales/use tax audit, we can help! The audit process is lengthy, requiring in-depth knowledge of sales and use tax and how it specifically applies to your operations.
We can help from responding to a notice, reviewing work papers, or identifying overpayments.
STS Consultants dedicated team of sales/use tax professionals has the experience and ability to represent your interests throughout the audit process. They will help to ensure that your audit is resolved efficiently and with the best results possible.  All audit findings are reviewed for merit with defensible positions presented.  And often, STS Consultants will conduct a Reverse Audit for the audit period under review resulting in a reduction in any sales tax liability or an overall refund for our clients!

Don’t forget that “9 out of 10 companies overpay on their sales and use tax.”

So call or email today for a risk-free, no obligation discussion of how STS Consultants can meet your cost recovery and audit needs.