In-House Training Seminars

Whether you require a Reverse Audit or something else, we always offer In-House Training Seminars.

Why do an In-House Training Seminar?

Well, most companies will request a training seminar after a reverse audit or other service.

  1. This allows STS Consultants to fix the issue at hand then make a custom seminar based off your companies needs.
  2. The Seminar is meant to stop and prevent any further problems that arose causing STS Consultants to come in and fix.

But, not all companies need the other services provided by STS Consultants, yet all can use an In-House Training Seminar.

  1. It is a proactive approach to keep up to date with the trouble areas of your company.
  2. STS Consultants creates a unique and customized seminar to help ensure that your company is not losing revenue with overpayments, over-accruing and other sales and tax issues.


Don’t forget that “9 out of 10 companies overpay on their sales and use tax.”

So call or email today for a risk-free, no obligation discussion of how STS Consultants can meet your cost recovery and audit needs.