Managed Audits and Compliance

Whether your company has just been notified of a sales and use tax audit or is in the middle of one, our professional consultants can help.

STS can represent your company during a sale and use tax audit to guarantee to get you the best results.  As a taxpayer, you have specific legal rights with respect to the manner in which audit procedures are applied, and the way the taxing authorizes may pursue the collection of delinquent taxes.  Our company is committed to ensuring that you receive the most professional treatment from the taxing representation, and that your rights are not jeopardized or violated.

Our consultants will help you prepare for an upcoming audit and compile a strategy plan to fit your company’s operations.  It is important that we work closely with the auditor on your behalf and handle correspondence from the taxing authority, allowing your business to operate without interruption.

As the audit proceeds, your consultant will monitor the auditor’s work papers, present rebuttals, and propose adjustments.  STS will search for refund and credit opportunities that are overlooked by most auditors.  Please remember, the auditor is there to protect the interest of the taxing authorities.  If we are not satisfied with the auditor’s findings, we will reach out to the auditor’s supervisor to resolve the issues.  If the supervisor doesn’t offer a resolution that is satisfactory to the company’s liking, we will appeal your case to the next level.

Our objective is to defend your interests form the beginning to the very end of the audit.  We are here to represent your best interest; ultimately looking to minimize your tax assessment.