Overpayment Reviews

Do Not Worry We Can Take a Look!

You are probably wondering by now whether or not you want to take a look to save money and time or to continue down the same path.

Well with STS Consultants you can have both.  We will take a risk-free no obligation discussion of how to save on overpayments. 

With a payment review you get discussion and review to see how you can save money on sales and use taxes.  If you are not liking what you hear than you can continue on the same business model without saving possible large sums of money.

By getting the overpayment review one will receive:

  • A overpayment review which is a glance of what a reverse audit would be.
  • Risk-free discussion
  • Chance to continue with an actual reverse audit to save large sums of money.
  • Walk away if you want to continue with the same business model potentially losing large sums of cash.