Reverse Audits

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Reverse Sales Tax Audits / Refund Analysis

Capitalizing On Reverse Sales Tax Audits

Many businesses are not aware of all the existing Sales and Use Tax exemptions available to them.  They make the mistake of either incorrectly paying on Sales Tax or over-accruing and paying Use Tax.  A Reverse Sales Tax Audit or Refund Analysis can uncover potential overpayments.  Some people also call this Overpayment Review but since there is more to it we refer to Overpayment Review more as a glance of a company to see if a Reverse Sales Tax Audit or another service as a more viable option.

Is your company missing out on a Sales & Use Tax refund?  STS Consultants can find out!  Our specialists can conduct a Reverse Sales Tax Audit to identify and obtian any unclaimed Sales & Use Tax refunds.  We can also recommend specific improvements in your procedures to prevent future Sales & Use Tax Overpayments.


How Reverse Audits Work

A reverse Sales Tax Audit can help your business comply with the state Sales & Use Tax laws.  But more importantly it can also result in a refund or credits, plus future savings.  The Reverse Sales Tax Audit conducted by STS Consultants is very similar to the examinations conducted by the New York State (NYS) Sales Tax auditors, but are up to date on the laws of the other states and work Nation wide.  However, our goal is to identify and recover Sales & Use Tax Overpayments you may have made to suppliers or filed directly as a self-assessment of Use Tax.  These savings are bottom line profit to your company.

At STS Consultants we will work closely with you to provide a customized, effective solution to your Sales & Use Tax needs.



Successful businesses recognize the issue is not whether they are making overpayments; it is what they are doing to correct the problem.  Contact Us for a No Risk Guarantee

At STS Consultant, our clients’ interests come first.  We are compensated only after we deliver results.  We require no out-of-pocket expenses’ from you to begin your specialized, timely and effective Reverse Audit.  Or other Sales & Use Tax Services provided.  If we do not recover or save you money, there is no cost for our services.  STS Consultants structure is a commission based fee.  The only risk to you is not addressing the issues inherent in any payables environment.



Overpayments, Over-accruing and other financial errors cost companies thousands, even millions, or more dollars in working capital and profit.  Over time these issues significantly reduce your company’s bottom line and can undermine your financial goals. Even with the best prevention planning, sophisticated systems and highly trained personnel, mistakes are inevitable.  With all the changing state and local laws for Sales and Use Tax, complex legal and business Homonyms.  So let STS Consultants help you Save Money and Save Time, using the formula of Simple Timely Solutions.