Taxability Reviews

STS Consultants

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STS Consultants can make a customized Taxability Review for your company or update your existing strategy to help ensure that your company is correctly applying the vast amount of sales and use tax rules throughout your organization.

In preparing your Taxability Review:

  • We thoroughly analyze your businesses’ documentation without disruption to your companies ongoing processes.
  • Examine your sales and delivery processes.
  • Interview key personnel
  • Review your companies past tax filings,work-papers and audits.

To determine the categories of regularly occurring transactions.  Then research the transactions for taxability in state and local jurisdictions, in which your business operates in which your business operates and create personalized revciew tailored specifically to your business. 

These taxability reviews help:

  • Build efficiency into the tax-reporting process
  • Reduce the risk of under or over paying tax
  • Ensure that your customers are being charged the correct sales tax.

Don’t forget that “9 out of 10 companies overpay on their sales and use tax.”

So call or email today for a risk-free, no obligation discussion of how STS Consultants can meet your cost recovery and audit needs.